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elevatED: Higher education for the physical and aerial arts

No matter where you are in your instructing career, elevatED will take you to the next level. elevatED believes teaching movement is a science, a passion and an art. Book a training today!

elevatED trains instructors to safely, effectively and confidently teach both aerial and ground-based skills. By studying the 7 elevatED principles of instruction and excellence, plus over 80 techniques, instructors will be well-suited to teach comprehensive and exciting classes.

  • Pole Level 1

    Learn and practice the elevatED principles and level 1 pole techniques to safely and effectively teach great classes

  • Pole Level 2

    Dive deeper into the elevatED principles to take you to the next level of instruction and your students to the next level of pole skills

  • Flexibility

    As an integral element to the aerial arts, the elevatED Flexibility teacher training gives you the tools to teach progressive flexibility classes

  • Coming Soon:

    We are in the process of developing:

    Pole levels 2+
    Spin pole